Augmented Reality Vocabulary Trainer
Interaction Design / UX/UI / Game Design / Game Development / Exhibition Design


  • Client: FH JOANNEUM / Collective Dreams Exhibition
  • Date: January, 2018
  • My role: Concept, UI, Visual Design
  • Team: [Beatrice Bunjaku], Florian Janssen, Jacqueline Kircher, Maxwell Williams, Beatrice Schneider, Leon Rehage
In a group of six students, we developed an Augmented Reality game for learning English vocabulary for primary school children. The approach here is that the vocabulary can be learned sustainably through visual presentation, one’s own actions and the connection with a story. My colleague Florian J. played a big role and developed the game in Unity and Vuforia. The game was presented during a three-day long exhibition of design students in Graz and dozens of visitors tested it. The protagonist Fussel, a beagle, is lost in the forest and looks for his way back home. On the way, there are obstacles to overcome by choosing the right vocabulary cards. First, the player has to scan the playing field with the tablet to see the game world. Fussel runs to the first obstacle. The player must now find the correct word card from the vocabulary cards in front of him and place it in the hole in the playing field to overcome the obstacle (e.g. the card “to jump” to make Fussel jump over the stones in the way). Once Fussel has reached the end of the playing field, the next level loads – a new game world with new vocabulary. Due to time constraints, only one level could be developed. However, a multi-level game with different worlds, difficulty levels and types of vocabulary is planned. We also had the idea to make the playing field variable (instead of the four given punching holes) in order to make vocabulary combinations possible and to be able to design the levels more individually.