Game Concept / Screendesign


  • Client: FH JOANNEUM / Group Work
  • Date: Juni, 2014
  • My role: Screendesign, Ingame Graphics, Character Design & Video
  • Team: [Beatrice Bunjaku], Jasmin Hofer, Tamara Steinwender, Melissa Klotz
Celly is a Jump'n'Run and Arcade Game for iPhone which tells the story of a little white blood cell, on the quest to make the body of it's human healthier, by fighting off diseases and improving the humans lifestyle. The main idea of super white blood cell is to teach it's gamers about healthcare, healthawareness and diseases. The game also teaches about the way different kinds of medicine work. It is important that people are informed of this topic as well as possible. Super White Blood Cell is ambitious to help and educate people.
Our main Charakter is called Celly, it's a white bloodcell which mission is to cure the the body. Celly is collecting medications, leucocytes and vaccines during the levels, to reach it's aim. Celly is jumping, rushing and avoiding evil bacterias, viruses and other obstacles. The game starts with choosing the gender of the world and give it a name. The body is divided into different stages, that are taken from the regions and organs of the body, such as the lung, the brain and so on. The stages can be played in no particular order.
The screendesign is focused on clean and flat design solutions. We used colors which are associated to the body regions. Cellys shape is related to a real white blood cell and the the world regions are illustrated to look better and fancy. The navigation and design has a logic and a user friendly usability.