Journey of Hope
Graphic Design/Illustration/Vernissage


  • Client: FH JOANNEUM / Student Work
  • Date: 28th January, 2015
  • Location: Kunsthaus Graz
In the course of our semester project, we students developed poster series, which deal with the refugee issue. The aim of the exhibition is to show contradictions and to provide food for thought. The proceeds of the posters benefited refugee aid.
West Africa, South Sudan, Syria, northern Iraq, Ukraine: There have never been so many crises, wars and failing states simultaneously. According to UNHCR, 56.7 million people worldwide are on the lam. The majoritiy waits nearby if the situation calms down and they can return to their homeland. Estimated 1.5 million people seeking to reach Europe. It's like Piccadilly Circus here. In the refugee camp Traiskirchen more than 2150 people are crowded. Hundreds sleep on the floor, some have to stay outdoors and Austrians are afraid of false extrapolations of the media.
Tent cities across from empty buildings. Or is there in all of Austria really no free rooms? Nowhere an abandoned nursing home or perhaps a former working-class home? There are apartment buildings that are vacant, monasteries, hotels, pensions and accommodation where former soldiers would be plenty of space for refugees, and so on.
With new cultures come new skills. Without migration, the economy would go down the drain. Without migration, we would not have to those we enjoy this cultural diversity us so it was music, goods or education. Language, art or culture. An idealization, a solution must be found, all at the beginning, everything to start, should not only be the motto of the refugees but also ours. We have to make room but we remain philistines with horse blinders!