Processing / Code


  • Client: FH JOANNEUM / Group Work
  • Date: June, 2015
  • My role: Programmer
  • Team: [Beatrice Bunjaku], Tamara Steinwender
In course of to the multimedia authoring lecture, our aim was to create a soundvisualizer with Processing. We used the object-oriented programming concept to fulfill our purpose. We love Music so we decided to code something we can use at home for party projections.
We've used Libraries for example the minim library which is a sound-library to create the functions. Basicly this project represents a fully operated musicplayer including visuals. You put your Playlist into the musicfolder, start Processing and press play. The visuals interact with the sound of course AND the user (mouseposition, click-events). We implement volume control, pause and continue, previous/next title buttons and on the bottom-left side of the screen the player shows the meta-data of the soundtrack. There are 4 different types of visuals and more can be adopted. With click-event the visuals can be changed.