a travel mobile-app concept
and designsolution based on UX.


  • Client: FH JOANNEUM / Student Work
  • Date: March, 2015
  • My role: User Interface Design, Logo Design, Icon-Set & Concept
Voyage was created for a seminar called User Interface Design. This app is adapted for its user, the vision of voyage is to fusion many apps to one, all areas to be considered on a journey, so whether it comes to the transport or accommodation , entertainment or finance. That means that the functionality of few apps are integrated in only one.

In conclusion, Voyage is the intended to give users a barrier-free travel with regard to the language , mobility, finances and more.
So, with voyage the user is able to check out all information which is needed in vacation or travelling. The clean design solution of Voyage is essential for it’s usability. The complexity of the functionality is hidden by the simplicity of it’s design. The aim is to reach the user’s satisfaction by making the app simple and easy to use. We use the „semantic zoom“ mechanism to enable a user-friendly navigation through the application. The user is able to switch through the categories in less time.