Your Personal Assistant for your Daily Routine
UX / UI / IXD / Prototyping / IoT


  • Client: FH JOANNEUM / Group Work
  • Date: June, 2017
  • My role: Concept, Hardware(Raspberry Pi) & Software, Corporate Design, UI/UX Design, Video
  • Team: [Beatrice Bunjaku], Philipp Haase, Andishe Zhand
How can we improve the daily bathroom routine to save our user’s time? With this problem statement and based on research, our aim was to create an unobtrusive, customized & personalized system which interacts with our users in a friendly & seamless way. The mirror is one of the first touchpoint before starting the day, so we integrate JARIS into customizable mirrors to be your personal assistant for your daily routine. JARIS is based on an AI checking your schedule & todo’s for the upcoming day. So you will always be perfectly prepared.