Corporate Design / Sujet


  • Client: FH JOANNEUM / Group Work
  • Date: December, 2015
  • My role: Corporate Design, Editorial & Video
  • Team: [Beatrice Bunjaku], Michael Sorger, Tamara Steinwender
When we begin to design, we do not know where this journey is going to lead us. The human brain processes with ideas a vast number of information, links them together and whistles dixie. See what you can not see. The concept for the 8th design monat graz is included in the word itself. We saw the 8 in a horizontal perspective and thus as the basic concept of our design.

Design basically constitutes that: It is always extendable, it gives us the opportunity to go beyond the boundaries, design as a whole is everlasting and in conclusion it can be said that, design is an infinite process - imagination, thought-experiments, conception. Design Monat Graz - INFINITE.
The Sujet has as it’s main design element the recumbent eight. Inside this symbol I chose a customized nebula background, which is the metaphor for the vast and to plunge into the creative world of craft.

The typography is set to the left of the symbol for infinity, it is written vertically upward, the phrase „we are infinite.“ is placed at the edges and is therefore a set of constantly expanded sentences, no matter if you look at the Sujet as in it’s entirety or lined up next to each other, it is constantly extensible. For the color palette i choose something decent. Good design is not to be noticed by conciseness, but by class. It is a series of dark gray, beige and black. The blue color in the nebula gives the overall picture dynamics.